The purpose of this website is to provide useful information for bird watchers wishing to plan their own self-drive birding trips throughout the world.

It offers great trip itineraries, travel tips, bird checklists, accommodation suggestions, local bird guides and much more.

We also offer a limited number of guided tours - please visit our Tours page if you would like to join us.

Who we are
As avid birders, we have enjoyed many hours bird watching all over the world. But sometimes it seems as though we have spent many more hours researching and planning our trips than actually taking them!

We don’t like to be too restricted to an itinerary or forced to miss other aspects of the country and its' culture. We also enjoy the adventure of uncharted territory – so long as there is a shower and a clean, comfy bed at the end of it!

In our travels what we came to realize was that it is so much more rewarding to combine birding with getting to know the culture, seeing some of the sights, speaking with local people and really experiencing the country rather than just visiting it.

So we Professional trading platform decided to create CANBIRD World Bird Tours Itineraries to combine all the things we have learned over the years and provide the opportunity for other people to enjoy it too!

The itineraries that are on our Itineraries page are all trips that we have done ourselves. Sometimes we have slightly adapted them based on things we would have done differently, or places we have added or excluded based on our experience.

You will also find additional activities and non-birding days included - which make them useful for couples where one person is not quite as passionate about birding as the other!!

Our main goals for each trip are: 
  • to assist you in having the experience of a life time

  • to help you see as many species as possible

  • to make sure you visit as many diverse habitats as possible

  • to offer information on local guides

  • to suggest optional days where a 2nd activity is offered for those who would like to do something different

  • to give you the opportunity to experience local culture and points of interest

  • to make sure you support locally owned and run businesses where ever possible

  • to recommend clean, comfortable, interesting accommodation (using locally owned hotels and lodges.)

    We ask that you always:
  • respect the local people and their customs

  • and of course it goes with out saying that at all times, the well being of the birds, the environment and the country you are visiting must ALWAYS come first.




 Canbird  is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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